we’re finally here!

We are FINALLY in Singapore!
After a flight delay in Atlanta, we missed our flight to Singapore from Japan so we had to spend the night in Tokyo.
Nevertheless, we made it here safe and sound!

Here are a few pictures to give an overview of the 44 hour trip!

while waiting for our plane, we played a game where you say a scenario and you snap a picture. this one is entitled “attack of the giant squid.”

“be a tiger!”

our hotel in Tokyo

in Tokyo


about to head to the Japan airport to catch our flight to Singapore!


3 thoughts on “we’re finally here!

  1. Bobo says:

    Finally! Heard you were feeling rough Brit. All world travelers endure an initial bit of breaking, but now you’re ready! Love the pics, Love you guys!

  2. Tammy Baker says:

    You guys are sooo funny!! I bet you kept the people in that airport incredibly amused! I’m praying for each of you every morning!! (By the way, I’m Savannah’s “Aunt Tammy”!)

  3. Debbi Baugher says:

    Savannah, Sam and Brittany! So proud of ya’ll. Praying for you everyday and hoping you are having the time of your lives. Much love to ya’ll… all the way across the globe! I’m looking forward to getting all the updates 🙂

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