Week 1

It’s weird thinking we’ve already been gone a week, but at the same time, so much has already happened I can’t believe it’s only been a week!

We traveled 3 Days to Singapore via Atlanta and Tokyo, Japan.

We met with one of the leaders at the church on Thursday to go over everything and get everything together for the next day. After all that he took us to Chinatown for foot reflexology (a 45 minute foot massage). It. Was. Amazing.


Friday began our work! We met a lot of our readers and began teaching english! Some already knew a lot, but with some we were not as fortunate. Savannah had one guy who can understand english, but couldn’t speak or write. This, as one can image, was very inconvenient, but she’s a trooper and is working with him almost every day! Britney has one reader who knows pretty much everything already. It’s a girl who is in highschool, but her mom is coming with her so she comes too. Because she can read and understand really well, they practice conversing (which means they talk and the girl tells Britney everything we need to do while we are here; needless to say, we have our time allotted for). I have made really good friends with a guy named Ming Liang. He knows a lot of english but cannot speak really well. He’s a great guy who is studying the Bible every week with the pastor here. He’s definitely going to be one of my favorite students and one of my best friends here!

Britney with Ming Liang

One conversation that was really good was with a girl named Vera (her Chinese name is Wei-Wei). She explained how she is really interested in my religion and how she reads the Bible at night just to know the story. She told me about how many of the Chinese are “free-thinkers,” (with the way she was explaining it, it seems very similar to being agnostic). She said the one thing different about Christianity, though, is how our God desires to be as close to us as we do to Him. She began to mention how she isn’t sure what exactly is right or real, but the idea of a God that loves us unconditionally seems too good to be true.

Please be praying for all of our readers!

On Sunday we went to church. We met a lot of people! They were all so welcoming it was almost overwhelming. Whenever I travel, worshipping with other people always catches me off guard. It seems like everywhere outside of America is so much more in tune with what worship is. No one cares about what they look like, how they sound, if they stand up or sit down, if they raise their arms or clap their hands, spin, jump, laugh, or even yell. They understand that it doesn’t matter if people stare at them. It doesn’t matter what others think. What I don’t understand is why it isn’t like that in America. What holds us back? Being here Sunday really made me begin questioning why I do what I do. In all, it was just awesome being in a room with people who truly didn’t care what I thought about them and who just worshipped, and I’m looking forward to being apart of that for the next 5 weeks.

That afternoon and night we went to Bugis Street (which is a WAY overly crowded market place) and then to see a show of some people performing music from Thailand.

escalator from the MRT up to Bugis Street

Thai Performers

Britney and Savannah with the group

Monday is our off-day so we slept in late then went to the Botanic Gardens out in the middle of the Island.

flower from the Botanic Garden

This first week has been incredible!


One thought on “Week 1

  1. Tammy Baker says:

    Thank you, Sam!! I love keeping up with you guys!! I’m praying for you! God is gonna do awesome things through you. How exciting!! Love all three of you….even though I’m only related to that cute red head!! Your Aunt Tam loves you Savannah Banana!!

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