Week 2

Wow. It’s been a packed, adventurous, and awesome week! Here are a few highlights.

This was our first full week with our readers! We were up at the church over 12 hours each day this past week, but it was all so rewarding. This past week we were able to actually start connecting with some of the people here. Every night we had a group that would stay after their lessons and just hang out with us (which is sorta strange considering none of them are Christians and they were hanging out in a church for over 3 hours every night). It’s so cool how we can become friends so quickly even when we don’t always understand each other. This past week really excited us for the weeks to come!

Ella, Amanda, Savannah, Li Chao, Ming Laing, and Britney

A few specific things happened this week that we will never forget. One being a girl named Jiayi and her mom bringing homemade Chinese Dumplings to us for lunch on Wednesday this past week! They were delicious! They are such a sweet family!


Chinese Dumplings!

Paul, Jiayi, her mom, Savannah, and Britney


Saturday was a really long day for me…in a good way. I got to talk about Jesus in a lot my reading sessions! This was 1-super exciting because all of them were the ones that brought it up and asked me, 2-completely awesome to get to share, and 3-completely draining. With it being our last work day of the week we all were really tired and then when you add all the emotion that gets pulled from you when you explain the one reason why you live,  you arrive at a state of mental exhaustion…but I couldn’t be any more thankful for that exhaustion. It sounds weird, but looking back on everything, that was the first time I had ever explained what I believe and why, so to spill it all out multiple times really made me think. It’s almost like getting asked and put on the spot makes all the gears start moving and all the pieces snap and click together. Getting to share the story of how Jesus rescued us and explain how it gives you hope is possibly the most rewarding thing ever. Because after you tell them everything and you almost recover from being completely overwhelmed by the story yourself, they ask if God did this for a certain group of people…and you get to tell them no. You get to tell them that God doesn’t have favorites. God doesn’t pick and choose who He loves. You get to tell them that no matter how much they don’t understand, don’t believe, ignore, or even hate God, He will never stop loving them. Then you get to see their eyes widen, pause, and then hear them ask “Really?” and you get to reply with a confident, undoubted “Yes.” This happened multiple times that day, with the last during the session with Ming Liang. The look on his face when we were talking about all this will forever be etched in my mind. This is why we have been sent here. This is why we are ever sent anywhere. To share the story and spread hope and joy.


After that week of work, we got 2 days off and went to Batam, Indonesia for a night with a friend named Grace from the church here. If nothing else, it was a hilarious trip. Grace is probably one of the funniest people on the face of the earth! She kept us laughing for literally 3 hours straight Sunday night. The whole trip was super relaxing. We went and got massages when we got there… but there was an accident. Afterwards you are supposed to take a shower in the little room you had a massage in. I had my own room and the girls had theirs. So the ladies left us to shower. I am in my shower and then I hear a burst of laughter from the next room. Apparently Savannah had gotten in the shower and the curtain completely came off the wall. They explained that they had to hold up the shower curtain so the other could shower. They snuck out quickly, but the massage ladies got back pretty fast. One lady when in, came out , and just started laughing at the girls. Okay, so it might not sound that funny on here, but believe me, it was one of the funniest things that has happened since we left the US.

On the ferry on the way to Indonesia with Grace

Monday we went to Harris Beach and went parasailing! We hung out there and by the pool for a while then got to go get a nice seafood meal. Everything in Batam is super cheap (less than half of what it would be in Singapore), so we got some crab and prawn! It was so good!


After that we headed back to Singapore on the ferry. That trip was a blast!

Please continue to pray for us and our readers! After having these conversations, I’ve become pretty hopeful! Almost all of our readers are free-thinkers, so be praying that they aren’t scared of the thought of committing to a religion. Ask God to make himself evident over here. Ask for them to be open. And also be praying for us! Pray that we will have strength and patience throughout the week and that we continue to have good health while here.


One thought on “Week 2

  1. Lisa says:

    Sounds like God is already using all of you. Praying for the hearts of those that are reading and for your hearts as well. That God will bring more to him and that you will be strengthened and encouraged as you too grow closer to him.
    Watch out for those showers. It’s the little things that make it FUN!!!!! Still praying!!! Love y’all Lisa

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