pray for students

Okay, so we are at the halfway point of our trip. We all have a few students that are coming regularly that we are beginning to have great conversations with. Most of the students are free-thinkers, which means they don’t believe anything (it’s very similar to agnosticism from what I can gather). Many of them have been asking a lot of questions and explaining their situations and what they think, so why not share so we together as a family can intercede. Here are a few of their names, where they are, and what they are asking.

Anna: She is from China where she learned to play the musical instrument the Pepa. She is here with in Singapore because of her boyfriend and is teaching and studying the Pepa even more. She has said that everywhere she goes she is surrounded by Christians telling her about God and how wonderful He is. She said that it’s like she can’t get away from it all. She shared that if she could just see God work and know that He is evident then she will believe.

Vera (Wei Wei): She also comes from China to get a job and is a free-thinker. Vera actually reads the Bible because she is interested in it. She finds it a little crazy that our God loves us and wants us more the we love or want Him. She keeps asking questions about where He came from, the story of the Bible, who Jesus is, etc.

Ming Liang: He is here in Singapore working to support his parents who are retired back in China. He studied with LST last year and has been coming to church every week since then to hear more english. Along the way, though, he has come to be really interested in God and His place in our lives. He continually asks about Christianity, what it is all about, how to live like a christian, what Jesus did, what happens when He comes back, etc.

James: He is from China and is here to work as a computer programmer. He knows what Christianity is and knows what it is about but thinks it’s strange. He doesn’t believe in God but is accepting (meaning he is a free thinker).

Han Shuai: He is also from China. He travels over an hour and a half here to the church to learn english. He is very open to Christianity. He is very interested in God and asks a lot of questions about what it means to be a Christian and how God interacts with us.

Amanda: She is here to practice english. She already knows a lot of english because she has been in Singapore for 4 years and works as an accountant. She has not been asking questions, but we know she understands what she is reading.

Li Wui: She moved to China with her daughter so that her daughter could get a better education. She knows a lot of english already, but still likes to learn. She has a Phd in Cardiology and teaches basic english here in Singapore. Not a lesson goes by without her talking about how the lessons we read seem like they are meant for her. She is having a Bible study with some ladies at another church every week and always asks questions about the story.

Li Chao: He is working in Singapore. He is very shy but beginning to open up. He know little english which makes it difficult to have any conversations with him about anything. Because of the reading sessions, he and Ming Liang have become friends and he is taking the place of Ming Liang’s roommate who is moving out this weekend. We are hoping since he will be living with Ming Liang, they will come to church together.

Yesterday I was reading some of Isaiah and I came across this:

For the Lord is God,
and he created the heavens and earth
and put everything in place.
He made the world to be lived in,
not to be a place of empty chaos.
“I am the Lord,” he says,
“and there is no other.
I publicly proclaim bold promises.
I do not whisper obscurities in some dark corner.
I would not have told the people of Israel to seek me
if I could not be found.
I, the Lord, speak only what is true
and declare only what is right.

Isaiah 45:18-19

And Jesus tells us that if we seek, we will find. God isn’t hiding from these people at all. God wants us to find Him.

Please be praying for all of these people by name! Pray that God blesses them immensely. Pray that they learn english. Pray for their families, wherever they may be. Pray for their health. Pray that they ask questions. Pray that they want to know more. And pray that they seek God, because we are promised that if we look for Him, we will undoubtably find Him.


One thought on “pray for students

  1. Ivy Ng says:

    Very interesting blog… it’s good to know the students better (by name, their uniqueness, etc) & also good tips on what to pray for them! 🙂 Thank u & surely all your work for the LORD shall not be in vain! 🙂

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