Week 3

It’s crazy to think we have been gone for 3 weeks already.

It seems like the weeks keep getting better and better! Here are a few stories and thoughts from this past week.

Tuesday we had a few empty slots in the afternoon so we went and toured around Little India and tried some authentic Northern India food! It was possibly the best food I’ve had since being here!

sign in Little India

Hindu Temple

Our readers and us are becoming awesome friends, especially the regular group that stays over an hour after their lessons every night to just hang out. They are teaching Savannah and I a little Chinese while we teach them English. It incredible that we’ve made such good friends after only being here for 3 weeks!

James, Maggie, Ella, Savannah, Britney, Ming Liang, Li Chao, and Han Shuai

I know we came here to teach, but after the past 2 weeks, I feel like I’m the one being taught everything! This week especially. I had been reading Isaiah in my spare time last week and one particular thing that just stuck in my head was that God is a Redeemer. So I was in a conversation trying to explain how Jesus dying works to save us and it’s like this old, incandescent, cobweb-covered lightbulb was connected to a source of power for the first time in my head. God redeems. It’s his nature, right. So in that moment every action Jesus had became that even more significant. Jesus didn’t come to simply end the old and begin the new. Yes, He did bring “a new thing” and all but that doesn’t me he destroys what was there before. It is in Jesus’ nature to redeem. He came to renew, refresh, and redeem the old and transform it into a new thing, and this makes His sacrifice even that more incredible. He was the perfect Paschal Lamb that was sacrificed. He took the old, imperfect, and limited sacrifice that had to be done over and over and brought it to full. And it is this redemption that we now look forward to. God coming and redeeming His people. His Son returning, and Him baptizing and refining us with fire. Even though we are messed up and this world is broken, we know that one day, hopefully soon, everything will be made new. It is this wonderful art of redemption that gives us hope, and as Paul says in Romans 5, “Hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.”

As I’ve said, I am being taught so much more than I am teaching.

I’m not sure if we’ve really every told everyone what is significant about Singapore to our team. Savannah’s grandparents adopted a girl from here! Nikki, the girl, was in a very bad situation with her family here and Savannah’s grandparents took her under their wing. Sunday, Savannah got to meet her family that still lives here! Her and Britney went and hung out with Zenia and Eunice, Niki’s brother’s daughters, while I went and visited New Creation Church that afternoon (which, by the way, was completely AMAZING!). The girls had a fun time shopping and meeting family and we met up later to eat our first Western meal since we’ve been here.

Today we got to go visit the Singapore Zoo! After being there for maybe 20 minutes, though, it began to pour. Now, if you know anything about Savannah and Britney, you know that this didn’t stop them at all. They went and walked around in the pouring rain while I waited at a pavilion haha. After about and hour the rain finally slowed down and we went to go find the elephants. Probably the highlight of the day. Britney and Savannah got to RIDE an elephant! I stood on the side and took pictures so we would have some. I’m positive their trip was made this afternoon!

Singapore Zoo

Elephant Ride!


Well, that was this week in a nutshell, which makes us all really excited because we’ve been told that the third week is usually the most difficult.

Pray that our readers as well as our lives continue to be impacted in supernatural ways!


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