week 4

2/3 of our trip is over. This is surreal.

The weeks keep going by faster and faster. A lot of exciting things happened this past week!

During the week we had a few more readers. A guy named Yang and his wife Maggie started coming ast Tuesday and they have been coming every day and have been staying almost 2 hours after their lessons each night! They are an awesome couple and super friendly! Also a few girls, Jocelyne and Lee, started coming too.

Yang and I

Savannah and Jocelyn

One of Britney’s readers, Bao Xian, has been asking a lot of questions about the Bible recently so Britney gave her one! Bao Xian has been reading it every day since she got it!

Britney with Bao Xian and her Bible

Please be praying for all of our readers! The new ones, the old ones, the regular ones, and the ones that come once a week. This past week all three of us realized how difficult it is going to be to leave. These people are no longer just students, they are friends.


This past Sunday was SUPER exciting! There was a baptism of a whole family! The wife’s sister-in-law goes to the church here and has been visiting with her for a while, but the husband was a devout Buddhist. He has been adamant about staying faithful to the religion he was brought up in, but fell ill a while back. It got to a point where he was put in the hospital and there he had a vision. He said that he’s seen demons following him his entire life, but in the hospital he saw a man shining bright dressed in white and a cross. He began to inquire about Christianity when he got out of the hospital and hasn’t seen any evil spirits since then! And this Sunday after church he, his wife, and his daughter were baptized!

While this was going on, Britney, Savannah, and I were at the church waiting for the readers to get there so we could go to the park for a barbeque! We finally got out there around 3 and played in the sand and water, taught them how to throw a frisbee, and had a TON of great food! Later some church friends showed up too! It was so fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it!

Wu Hui aka Jane


Our group at the party!

Today we got to go visit Johor, Malaysia with a couple from the church! We got to walk around the city, try a lot of different food, get a shoulder massage, and laugh a lot!

Johor, Malaysia

Johor, Malaysia

It has been an amazing week! Only 2 more left until we head back home. Be praying for our readers, for the church here, and for us. As far as time-wise, this week begins the decline of our trip, but we are continuously praying against that! There is SO MUCH that God can do in two weeks. Pray with us that we continue to be expectant and present until the day we leave.


One thought on “week 4

  1. Rebecca McCartha says:

    We enjoyed reading about week 4 and seeing your pictures greatly, Sam!!!!! Your last comment about you want to stay present until you have to leave was a very mature focus and so true!!! It’s easy to become distracted when a leaving date is in view. We will be praying for all of you, the church there, and your readers! Love and admiration!!!!!Bebe

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