week 5

This was the last Monday in Singapore and this is the last blogpost I’ll write in this apartment.

Earlier this year 6 weeks seemed like a long time, but it has flown by so quickly. It seems like we just got here.

This past week seemed pretty normal compared to the others, but a few things made this past week really special.

Two of our readers, Bao Xian and Qinghua took us out to dinner one night to show their appreciation. Bao Xian is the girl who received a Bible from Britney last week and this week Qinghua got one from Savannah! Both of them we’re super excited to get them!

dinner with Bao Xian and Qinghua

Savannah with Qinghua and his new Bible

Britney and Bao Xian’s reading session

One of my readers, Anna (the one who plays the Pipa), finished the book of Luke last Wednesday! She has been really interested in the stories and all that we have been reading.

Anna and I after she finished the Luke Workbook!

This past Sunday we went to Sentosa Island to see Underwater World and the pink dolphins that are there with one of my readers, Ming Liang, our friend Grace, and Eunice and Zenia (Savannah’s family). It was really fun and Savannah got to pet one of the dolphins! Then that night we met up with a lot of friends from church at a Korean BBQ Buffet. It was unlike any restaurant we have been to. The grills are in the middle of your table and you just go get the meat you want and grill it right there. It was so good and we had a lot of fun hanging out with them!

at Underwater World on Sentosa Island

Eunice & Zenia (Savannah’s family), Savannah, and Britney

Savannah petting the pink dolphin!

Today we went out to the City Hall/Marina Bay area and looked around. The girls went and shopped while I walked around downtown and the Gardens by the Bay. Tonight, Paul, Danny, and Sau Mei took us out to dinner. It was awesome getting to talk to them about our experience here in Singapore and getting to look back on all that happened.

It’s insane thinking that this was our last Monday here; that one week from now, we will be on a plane heading home.

I’ve learned so much by being here. It’s strange to think of this trip as a time of rest, but it has been. For the past 5 weeks I’ve been able to simply focus on one thing; I didn’t worry about school, work, or anything else. In this season of rest, I’ve been discovering what it means to simply seek, wait, and listen. One thing I keep stressing to my readers is that God says if we seek Him, we will find Him. When you add this truth to the expectancy and hope we have, the ends are ridiculous. There’s no wondering if He is real or if He will answer; we already know He is and will. We get to have hope and joy in our waiting and listening because we know He is there and is speaking. Being away has really taught me how much I let things affect me because since I’ve been resting, I’ve been able to seek and wait and listen. It’s incredible how much He talks to us but we don’t hear because we are too worried about everything else – things that don’t matter. This, obviously, is very simple and is talked about numerous times in the Bible, but as simple as it may be, it is nothing short of profound [along with the rest of the Word of God]. I know I came on this trip to teach, but there is no way I’m teaching nearly as much as I, myself, am being taught.

Please continue to pray for our students, for the church here, and for us! We are hoping this last week is full of great memories with all of the incredible people we have met here!


One thought on “week 5

  1. Rebecca McCartha says:

    You’ve given me some more tears of joy, Sam, with those beautiful words!! I know this last week will be filled with memories for you and your friends!! Your blogs have been awesome and inspiring!!! God is so Good!!!! All Our Love, BeBe and Papa Tim

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