week 6

I am writing our blog post as we wait at the airport in Singapore at 3am. Even though we are here waiting to check-in for our flight home, we still cannot believe we are actually leaving.

This trip has been incredible! We have learned so much about the Kingdom, other cultures, and even ourselves. We have made so many great friends during the six weeks we have been here. Friends that hang out after lessons for hours just to talk. Friends that go to lunch with you or even bring food to the lessons to share. Friends that sit with you in an airport all night as you wait to leave. I’ve spent the past few days just recalling all that has happened here. There are so many great memories – 6 hour barbeques, laughing all night in a hotel room in Indonesia, learning how to make dumplings, and the list goes on and on.

We are really excited to get home and to see family and friends, but we are extremely sad to leave our friends here. Like most trips I’ve been on, leaving is bittersweet, but spending six weeks in a place tends to make one attached… very attached. It’s been a lot more difficult to say goodbye than I thought it would be, but it’s nice knowing we have the internet to stay connected. (:

In short, this trip has been one of the largest blessings in my life, and as I have stated in almost every post, I came to teach, but I have been taught so much more.

Cannot wait to get back and be able to share all we have learned!

Internet here at the airport is pretty jank, so pictures will come later haha


One thought on “week 6

  1. Rebecca McCartha says:

    Thanks for another great blog, Sam!! Whatever your future holds, writing must be included!! Y ou have writing as one of your many talents!!! You express how you feel so clearly that I feel it too!! You can’t know how thrilled I am for you to have had the Singapore experience and how your life has been enriched- and my life too!! It is so wonderful your friends are at the airport to see you and Britney and Savannah leave!! That is awesome!! I have full assurance that God will see you safely in to sweet home Alabama!! See you soon!!!Love,BeBe

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